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Future Techno Fossil Amphitheater


Largely because of market demand longevity has been a dominating factor in the arts of the post industrial society. In the modern and earlier times it had other more existential reasons and the cave painters probably didn't care. 


Techno fossils describes our current society in a perspective of millions of years. And suggest that we have already created a layer in the earths crust with plastic sediments. Materials man made and a first in all of creation.


I suggest creating a physical platform of an refurbished prefabricated fiber glass overturned swimming pool. Above hovering a similar but slightly larger swimming pool supported by artificial palm tree stems. 


This will be a Future Techno Fossil Amphitheater. Slowly consumed by natural growth from the ground and the sky. It will last forever. At present it will facilitate entertainment. In millions of years it will be a testament to the blink of an eye that our time represents.

Future Techno Fossil Amphi Theater
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