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August 2018


Polystyrene Foam, Fiberglass, Epoxy, Auto Paint

38 x 4 x 2 (2 x 4 x 2 each) inches

From early on Øvlisen created multiples by hand. Echoing the process of Andy Warhol but revealing the errors of the hand. His hand and his errors.


The destabilization in his chosen process and subsequent reworking of his sculptures creates the random accidental abstract expression that so has come to define the art of Thomas Øvlisen. In this piece he cutefies Donald Judd's most famous wall sculptures while keeping the repetition in his hand made process based unique objects. The transparency of the process and the individuality of the pieces ridicules flawless as a mere construct. 

The sculpture was part of Thomas' show Jørgen Larsen, Taarbæk at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery in 2014. His neighbour and surrogate grand father of his children had just passed away and Øvlisen wanted to honor him and his life and his actual everyday importance to Øvlisen's children juxtaposing the past and the present the artists life and values.

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