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November 2018

Wednesday October 24th, 2018

Plastic cup, styrofoam cup, scotch tape, Silver plated

h. 25 cm x D. 4 cm

My grandfather was a scientist.


He measured everything. He had all sorts of instruments lying around. In his backyard was an odometer. I was so enthralled by this device. I loved watching the indicator rise as the rain came down.

These days measuring rain fall is just straight up depressing.

My rain gauges are defunct.


They are symbols.


Empty vessels, meant to remind us of what we already know. We need to change our behaviour. We need to change our economy. Our politics. But we keep on driving, steaking and flying our sweet lives right over the edge.


We are genetically trapped on Darwin's easy street. Sugars. Screens. Survival of fittest has been reversed and we are now more likely to die from obesity than starvation.

Science might help us, but we need to act individually.


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